A translation agency with clients’ needs at heart

DAT's business focus is to provide high-quality language services to its clients. DAT has the right solution to help you communicate effectively worldwide, whatever your language needs.

Translation is one of the so-called 'hidden professions'—when done right, it is undetectable. So let's get acquainted!


Hundreds of French and foreign businesses have placed their trust in us since 1989. This client relationship, developed over the long term, allows us to continually improve our services by capitalizing on our accumulated expertise and knowledge of the internal procedures, specific values, and expectations of each of our clients.

  • 1989 DAT was created in 1989 under the leadership of Tahar Hassine. The technical translation business quickly took the upper hand over technical support, with the signing of the first major translation contracts.
  • 1992 Sandrine Biolchini joins DAT. Thanks to Sandrine, framework agreements were signed with GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare), as well as GE Corporate in the United States and IBM France. Since then, these framework agreements have been renewed on a regular basis in the wake of each request for proposals.
  • 1996 DAT acquires the first translation memory software packages: Déjà Vu and subsequently Trados (currently SDL Trados Studio).
  • 2000 DAT focuses on better organizing its internal structures and developing its quality control and workflow management systems with a view to international growth.
  • 2008 DAT's management system is certified compliant with the requirements of ISO Standard 9001:2008.
  • 2009 Opening of our Berlin, Germany office.
  • 2011 Opening of our Bologna, Italy office.
  • 2012 DAT obtains EN 15038:2006 quality certification for its translation services.
  • 2017 DAT receives certification for the 2015 version of ISO Standard 9001 and new ISO Standard 17100 ("Translation services — Requirements for translation services").


Our ongoing focus on improving the quality of our services has led DAT to create and develop numerous “Best Practices.”
These practices meet the increasingly stringent quality criteria of the many global companies that rely on us. Over the years, DAT has adopted a documented business QMS in which each stage of our procedures is recorded and trackable.

All DAT's quality management procedures are doubly certified:

ISO 9001-2015 certificate
ISO 9001:2015
Quality management systems
ISO 17100:2015 certificate
ISO 17100:2015
Translation services
Requirements for translation services



“Thank you for the quick turnaround and hats off to you for a particularly well-written German translation.”

A German manufacturer
Medical devices for respiratory diseases

“DAT even exceeded my delivery time expectations. Excellent collaboration: terminology questions welcome, given the technical jargon of our highly specialized field.”

A French group
Electroacoustic devices and communication systems products

“I personally review translations into French and I find them to be excellent. A flawless project in every respect.”

An international group
Healthcare Division, France and Benelux Marketing Department

"First of all a big thanks. I know the challenge has been big and thus, I greatly appreciate your commitment and the fast turnaround time nonetheless. Looking forward to working with DAT again."

An international group
Nuclear branch

"In my current role as a Sustaining Engineer, while I cannot single-handedly pick vendors, I can and will recommend to the sourcing group that we continue working with DAT. Speed, helpfulness, suggestions, understanding issues. DAT is a truly professional and resourceful agency"

Oil & Gas

"Fast response time to queries and comments. Efficient! Turnaround time on translations is fast. The level of communication with clients is perfect. When we have run into snags on our end, the translation team has accommodated us in our requests."

An international group
Medical imaging

"Good customer service and ability to deal with requests quickly. I will work with DAT again and have passed your details onto other people."

An international group
Division of Electrical Power Transport & Distribution

"I have just heard it through the grapevine that the validator being in charge of reviewing the translation mentioned in the subject line was very satisfied with the quality of the translation."

An international group
Information technology




Businesses have numerous, diversified multilingual communication needs ranging from a simple translation of a commercial contract to the development of an entire e-learning program intended for scores of subsidiaries worldwide. Our services cover a broad spectrum of offerings capable of meeting all the needs of our clients.



Not only is translation an integral part of the products and services marketed by our clients; it is also an investment to be safeguarded.
Just as a product or service is built on acquired technological expertise, thereby saving time and money, a validated and previously used translation becomes an asset that can be leveraged for a new product or service. This is the payoff of the massive investment in people and other resources
that DAT has achieved by building up translation memory databases.

One of DAT's strategic approaches is our ongoing quest for productivity gains and passing them on through the prices offered to our clients.
DAT regularly responds to requests for proposals by international groups in their search for technical translation suppliers. Very often, DAT is chosen for the excellent value we offer.

Do you regularly release new versions of your products and services?

DAT will only translate and invoice for new and modified text. Existing translations are routinely reused thanks to our translation memories. Our process ensures terminological and stylistic consistency throughout your body of documentation and tight turnaround times, and allows
you to make substantial savings on your translation costs.

Technical documentation, especially in the case of a massive corpus of documents, uses structured text (for example, XML and DITA), with tags that must be carried over to the target language identically to the source. For years, DAT has been proficient in this type of environment.



DAT's number one objective is to deliver quality translations.
Each one of our translations is reviewed by a professional linguist specializing in the specific field concerned, with the target language being their mother tongue. The translator and editor are always two different people.
The editor focuses on the meaning expressed in the target language and checks the text line by line. Faithfulness to the original is a necessary condition, but is not sufficient on its own. Flawless quality of expression, an appropriate register, and irreproachable stylistic and terminological consistency are also a must.


Page layout - DTP

The documents that DAT delivers to its clients are 100% finalized and ready for distribution. All DAT deliveries come in two formats: the initial publication format and PDF format.
DAT's offering is therefore a complete one; it includes an entire range of services for the layout of your documents, regardless of their format.

We offer these services for all market standards:
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Print (In-Design, Illustrator, FrameMaker, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.)



Interpreting services are an integral part of DAT's offering. Our on-site interpreters are carefully selected to provide the highest performance level. Our interpreters—all of whom are seasoned professionals with appropriate degrees—allow us to fulfill many different types of interpreting assignment: simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpreting at international conferences, seminars by global enterprises , personnel training in subsidiaries abroad, and other multilingual events. We know how to quickly mobilize the best resources where our clients need them.



DAT's offering includes the transcription of your audio and video files, with or without translation.
Confidentiality is often an important factor in this type of project; it is assured through strict compliance with our internal procedures. Meeting deadlines is a particularly sensitive issue; here again, DAT is known for its high performance. We know how to handle all formats on the market (for example: WAV, MP3, AVI, AAC, MP4, FLV, WMF, etc.).


Voice Over

DAT offers its multilingual recording services to major companies.
We select the best resources from thousands of voice actors (men and women), specialized professionals, who are responsive, trained, and experienced in a broad range of styles.
Once the voices have been selected and approved by our client according to language and register, the audio recordings are made.


Technical Writing

DAT’s strong experience is also brought to bear in technical writing and Web content creation. At DAT we know how to write, and we love doing it. We can review the content of your copy and check for appropriate terminology, semantic consistency, and the logical structure of the various parts of the document. This process can involve extensive rewriting in order to improve the readability of the document and the natural flow of the language in its specific context of use.



Over the years, DAT has developed a strong specialization in a number of fields.

Industrial equipment — Mechanics — Materials — Electrical Power — Chemistry and Petrochemistry — Agri-Food — Construction and Public Works — Transportation — Automotive

These fields are the genuine core business of DAT. We consistently meet the challenge of highly specialized documents intended for a readership of professionals and technicians. The variety of technical fields is practically endless. DAT's constellation of clients reflects this vast range of industrial sectors.

A few examples:

• Machine tools • SCADA systems (process visualization, data acquisition, and monitoring of production environments) • Plastics, polymers, silicones, rubbers, polyurethanes • Industrial packaging • Water treatment • Road transport • Flexible metal parts (expansion joints, bellows, and pipes) for the automotive and aeronautical industries

• Automotive/Truck spare parts, accessories, and equipment • Passenger/Automobile safety • Hydraulic equipment for demolition and drilling/Construction and Public Works • Wood panels and by-products • Industrial and residential floor coverings • Cooling towers • Ventilation/Air-conditioning/Heating (industrial, residential) • High-pressure water mist fire-fighting systems

Electronics — New technologies — Instrumentation — Automation — Aeronautics

DAT knows how to handle projects involving highly innovative and technically complex fields. We also support startups and their ambitious projects.

A few examples:

• Applications of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies • Geolocation and GPS technology, navigation, positioning, imaging • Scientific instrumentation • Industrial/pharmaceutical marking • Nanotechnology for current measurements • Industrial robotics • Flight inspection systems • Parabolic flights for microgravity tests • Electric vehicles • Industrial applications of carbon and ceramics

• Ion analysis: Traceability, Automation, Potentiometric sensors, Ion-Exchange Chromatography Columns equipped with electronic chips • Electronic design and assembly of prototypes (medium and small production runs) • Microscopic imaging for microstructure and nanostructure analysis • Precision ultrasound cleaning for the pharmaceutical Industry • Lasers for scientific use (DNA sequencing).

Electrical power generation and distribution, renewable energy

Our translators and editors are especially well versed in the terminology of the electrical power and energy generation sectors.

A few examples:

• Contracts and amendments for the construction of gas turbine power plants • Technical specifications and drawings of turbines and equipment • Installation and maintenance of pipe systems, conduits, tubing, and flanges • Flow, flow rate, and fluid management • Catalogs, parts lists: Pumps, valves, shutters, faucets

• Installation and maintenance of temperature and pressure control systems • Declarations of conformity • Position descriptions (Renewable energy, etc.) • Internal communications Renewable Energies and Distribution & Grids • Communication (ext./int.) in the field of nuclear safety and regulations.

Life sciences, medical equipment, medical imaging

Since its creation, DAT has been conducting projects for numerous medical and pharmaceutical companies in extremely varied fields of application.

A few examples:

• Specialized biology • Anesthesia devices • Medical gases and oxygen therapy • Eye surgery instruments • Operating room equipment and lighting • Kidney dialysis products • Geriatric equipment • Medical textiles • Implantable medical devices and textiles • Spinal implants

• Orthopedic equipment • Aerosol therapy • Neonatology equipment • Screening for autonomic peripheral neuropathies • Patient monitoring equipment: intensive care, cardiology, recovery, emergencies, etc. • Respiratory assistance • Patient alarm management.

Our translators and project managers have developed substantial know-how in medical imaging; this also includes the software associated with image processing, results analysis, and medical data recording, transmission, and archiving. DAT translates all types of documentation related to such equipment (pre-installation, installation, testing, use, and maintenance), including the software aspect and text portions of user interfaces (UI).

• Computed tomography • MRI • Radiography • Fluoroscopy • Surgical imaging • Sliding gantries
• Angiography • Ultrasonography • Scanners • Mammography • Molecular imaging

Software, services, infrastructure, and networks

DAT has extensive experience in information technology translation. Our long-standing partnership with large global groups has allowed us to build a recognized expertise in numerous IT fields.

A few examples:

• Development tools: Documentation and User Interfaces • Software and applications: Documentation and User Interfaces • Websites and e-commerce • CATIA training (3D CAD software) • Database administration

• Services and facilities management • Installation and configuration of servers and networks • Air conditioning and safety of data centers • Computer security • Management and recycling of obsolete hardware

DAT is regularly involved in the translation of corporate communications. Our translators know how to handle subtle differences in register while preserving the impact of the original message.

These areas of translation require that the translator possess tremendous ease and fluidity in written expression, a keen interest in the business world, and broad general knowledge that is always kept up to date.

A few examples:

• Content of multilingual commercial sites • Company newsletters for personnel in foreign-based subsidiaries • Communications for business partners

• Press releases • Product data sheets • Marketing brochures • Marketing presentations • Communications for CRM marketing campaign management tools, etc.

Human Resources — Security — Logistics — Quality — Compliance — Environment

The fields of business management and governance, compliance, security, and the environment are becoming more and more important. These projects come to us from very diverse business entities, such as general management, HR and EHS departments, Training (e-learning), Quality, Compliance, etc.

A few examples:

• Codes of conduct • HR communications • Personnel evaluation • Career development guides • Leadership programs, talent hiring and management • Development of the employer brand • Compliance directives

• Safety procedures • Workstation ergonomics guides • Quality criteria • EHS Inspection reports • Environmental strategies (air quality and polluting emissions, waste management, etc.) • Energy transition studies

Our translators are specialists capable of combining a high level of technical skill with excellent legal knowledge. Our translators have the ability to transpose legal terms and notions from one system to another so that legal documents can be readily understood.

Legal translation often involves commercial and financial topics; for contracts, the multidisciplinary expertise of our linguists is an essential asset.

A few examples:

• Commercial agreements • Contracts • Annual reports • Publication of quarterly results • Expert reports • Regulatory audit reports on financial compliance • Business management consulting, mergers and acquisitions

• Risk mapping, audit plans, internal procedure guides • Awareness programs, enterprise ethics, money laundering prevention guidelines